Writer: Nico Wussy
Edit: Pablo Gabo Ramos
Editing: Pablo Gabo Ramos
Design: Heliana Vera
Cover Art: Pibe Nue
Cover Back: Jose Giampa
Corrections: Daiana Lopez de Vincenzi
Curator: Agustín Adba


Everything today is easily accessible: venues, sex, people, drugs, technology, relationships, stupidity. Everything overwhelms but everything bores, and one wonders: what do we want and what do we look for when we have everything? Or when we have nothing? Espiral is that abstraction that invades us in a crazy, blind and changing world. It is the boredom of interpersonal relationships and the disgust for the empty and electronic era that inhabits us. Espiral personifies the beauty of rebellion, ambition and the eternal demand that leads us to madness. Coexists here and there, the street and space, rejection and love, the superficial and the deep, the foolish and the sensible. Everything is exhibited in a daily setting in which the real is mixed with the non-existent and the true with insanity.